We really needed a day like this..

11 000 Көрүүлөр 257 миӊ.


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  1. Marcus&Kristin
    2 жыл мурун

    WOOP WOOP FOR A NEW VIDEO! We have missed this channel - it stinks that we haven't been able to film together in a MINUTE! But we love you guys and hope that you enjoy this little vlog of the type of day we have really been needing!!

    1. Shirleynsnnoyy Babbitt
      Shirleynsnnoyy Babbitt
      10 ай мурун

      KickinitwithJess Lou

    2. sandy949
      10 ай мурун

      Mountain lions eat deer too and many have been seen in our LA/OC area. They are getting aggressive.

    3. Charlie Lynn
      Charlie Lynn
      2 жыл мурун

      Oh man I was late on this comment 😂

    4. Charlie Lynn
      Charlie Lynn
      2 жыл мурун

      "This place just ended up having way too much animal limbs" 😂

    5. KickinitwithJess
      2 жыл мурун

      "this place just ended up having way too many animal limbs" -Kristin xD I'm dead hahah

  2. Mays
    4 ай мурун

    time flies by so fast can't believe you guys are having a baby now I'm so happy for you guys!!

  3. Katherine Joy
    Katherine Joy
    4 ай мурун

    "This place ended up having too many animal limbs.." 😂😂

  4. Kim Tuyet Gi
    Kim Tuyet Gi
    7 ай мурун

    Woman Fake tooth?

  5. CJ
    8 ай мурун

    If I was a dog, for sure I would want Marcus and Kristin to be my parents :)

  6. Drew Pelesky
    Drew Pelesky
    9 ай мурун

    In PA we call them crayfish

  7. Maya Davis
    Maya Davis
    11 ай мурун

    can I speak to the manager 😂😂😂😂 here in 2020 we call that a karen 😂😂

  8. Ana Barboza
    Ana Barboza
    Жыл мурун

    I’ve been binge watching all your videos on this channel bc you guys are my fave couple on KGread! You’re so fun and genuine. Make more videos pls :)

  9. Elise Poolen
    Elise Poolen
    Жыл мурун

    Please do a hair routine 🥰

  10. Lindsey Jarvis
    Lindsey Jarvis
    Жыл мурун

    Oh my goodness. We had to do an ear wash with our Labrador retriever and clean out his ears like that for a few weeks and he literally made the same noise that Honey made!😱😂🐶 Its so funny because if look at her while you were doing it, she was wagging her tail (like my dog would do) and I think that it actually feels good to them for some one to scratch the inside of their ears (like it feels good for humans with a q-tip😂😂😂)

  11. Nidhan kashyap
    Nidhan kashyap
    Жыл мурун

    2 months wow. Me 6 years not been anywhere

  12. Chloe Cox
    Chloe Cox
    Жыл мурун

    Craw dads in Kentucky!! 😜

    2 жыл мурун

    Sou Brasileira e adoro seus videos !!! 😍

  14. Tessa Ward
    Tessa Ward
    2 жыл мурун

    Team Crawdad lol. We always go camping ever year and catch them in the river

  15. Nadia Kay M
    Nadia Kay M
    2 жыл мурун


  16. brooklyn s
    brooklyn s
    2 жыл мурун

    I can’t even believe how fast Honey Bee has grown😫😁 your dogs are such sweetiessss

  17. Mariah Guerrero
    Mariah Guerrero
    2 жыл мурун

    Y'alls dogs are so gorgeous.

  18. Caleb Streich
    Caleb Streich
    2 жыл мурун

    For us now it’s one of those days everyday. Thanks for posting! Take care.

  19. Hélia Alves
    Hélia Alves
    2 жыл мурун

    The best thing Marcus has ever done is getting Kristin started on KGread. She is amazing! I wish you both lots of happiness

  20. Alohilani Zapata
    Alohilani Zapata
    2 жыл мурун

    poor Honey, she's so cuuute!

  21. Ingvild XO
    Ingvild XO
    2 жыл мурун

    So sweet😍 Can i ask where you guys live?:) So much nature!!🌲🌳

  22. Ashley Creager
    Ashley Creager
    2 жыл мурун

    You guys crack me UP 😂

  23. Hamse
    2 жыл мурун

    Daaaam ; i dont know y i commented this comment

  24. Shannon Feyhl
    Shannon Feyhl
    2 жыл мурун

    Crawdads in Wyoming. ;)

  25. Charlie Ennis
    Charlie Ennis
    2 жыл мурун

    Oh you know just the casual stroll in LA in the Mercedes and back to the custom built home in the hills in your 20's! Ha but for real that's inspirational right there!

  26. Jeepsterdaddy 37
    Jeepsterdaddy 37
    2 жыл мурун

    Crawdad here in Claremore Oklahoma.

  27. Tyler Padgett
    Tyler Padgett
    2 жыл мурун

    You guys are so adorable. Sitting here hoping I'm not single for life... 8(

  28. loveazlen
    2 жыл мурун


  29. Sophia Leon
    Sophia Leon
    2 жыл мурун

    Aww I've watched this so many times, this is my favorite vlog from you guys, it's just the cutest thing ever and it shows off you guys' personality so well!! love

  30. elad bendor
    elad bendor
    2 жыл мурун

    Nice car

  31. Aminah Abdul-Wali
    Aminah Abdul-Wali
    2 жыл мурун

    Dogs are such precious gifts 😭 we don’t deserve them ♥️

  32. Jenni from The Dock
    Jenni from The Dock
    2 жыл мурун

    Hey guys! Love love you guys! I've been working with dogs for 35+ years. Just some fur baby advice. Honey had the brown gunk in her ears. That's bc she has a yeast infection. You can minimize that by cutting back on her protein intake. Speak with ur vet if it makes you feel more comfortable. Keep loving those adorable babies🐶💞🐾

  33. I go 0 to 011 mike real quick
    I go 0 to 011 mike real quick
    2 жыл мурун

    I have no clue why I enjoy watching them so much I usually don’t watch channels like this at all

  34. Sarah C
    Sarah C
    2 жыл мурун

    Heck no! Craw FIsh!!!

  35. BreathofFreshAir
    2 жыл мурун

    My dog is the same with ear stuff she sits there and groans like an old man lol

  36. youbrat
    2 жыл мурун

    Why was Honey in a crate and Camper in a room?

  37. A.l
    2 жыл мурун

    Where’s that couch from?

  38. nicole morgan
    nicole morgan
    2 жыл мурун

    I love your outlook on holidays and the fact that you don't plan where your going. I would love to travel in your way and especially on my own. Could you do a video on how to find places to book and any tips and tricks you have learned along the way. Just like good ways to have a great and largely spontaneous holiday.

  39. Adriana Marquez
    Adriana Marquez
    2 жыл мурун

    Kristin is so wholesome haha

  40. William Walker
    William Walker
    2 жыл мурун

    Dogs offleash around coyotes with no collar or ID tag. Pretty much the definition of irresponsible.

  41. Abby
    2 жыл мурун

    Marcus's hair looks like Tobey Maguire's in Spider-Man 3. LOL.

  42. Megan VanderWal
    Megan VanderWal
    2 жыл мурун

    Omg I live near Denver!!

  43. Andy Ireland
    Andy Ireland
    2 жыл мурун

    I’ve never heard anyone say crawdad and I’m from Louisiana but they might say it somewhere else.🤷‍♀️

  44. Jennifer Lee
    Jennifer Lee
    2 жыл мурун

    LOVE this. Missed the cute Marcus&Kristin jingle intro though!!

  45. EasierSaidThanDunn
    2 жыл мурун

    coyotes are takin over man, heard they are paying people to shoot them out west. Anyways, you guys are the best! (:

  46. Shelby Jean
    Shelby Jean
    2 жыл мурун

    I call them Crawfish and I’m from Georgia

  47. ariella fudge
    ariella fudge
    2 жыл мурун


  48. Bri B
    Bri B
    2 жыл мурун

    what was the song at 1:41?

  49. Lucas Haley
    Lucas Haley
    2 жыл мурун

    Marcus...brosuff. Pretty sure your fly was down during this video 🤔 (starting at 10:25).

  50. David Wil
    David Wil
    2 жыл мурун

    wish I had someone like this to hold

  51. Viviana Camp
    Viviana Camp
    2 жыл мурун

    You guys are awesome!! ❤️❤️🐶🐶

  52. Namhla Damoyi
    Namhla Damoyi
    2 жыл мурун

    5:00 this is how horror movies start 😅

    2 жыл мурун

    “Kristen brain” 😂😂💕

  54. Gabrielle Appel
    Gabrielle Appel
    2 жыл мурун

    Your dogs are so well trained! I just adopted a 3yr old doggo and when I put ear drops in he growls and tries to bite me. Hopefully I can get him adjusted to have more of a happy personality like your pups! Great vlog! ☺️

  55. Isabella Thompson
    Isabella Thompson
    2 жыл мурун

    One of my favorite videos now lol

  56. Olivia Clark
    Olivia Clark
    2 жыл мурун

    Crawfish all the way!!

  57. GG
    2 жыл мурун

    From Arizona -- I call them crawdads or crawfish lol

  58. Abbey Jones
    Abbey Jones
    2 жыл мурун

    You guys are such great dog parents!!❤️

  59. Mabel Elise Miller
    Mabel Elise Miller
    2 жыл мурун

    I’m from Missouri and I called a crawdad

  60. Kolton Butts
    Kolton Butts
    2 жыл мурун

    BELVITAS ARE DELICIOUS 😮😮😄😄😄😍😍😍😍😋😋!!!

  61. againstthetimes
    2 жыл мурун

    Lol! That shot of the dogs in the car looking out saying to you guys, "Please sir, just let us out!" XD XD XD

  62. fromevelynsheart
    2 жыл мурун

    The dogs are way too cute!!!

  63. kaur
    2 жыл мурун

    you guys are living the dream :) cuties

  64. Minero Hero
    Minero Hero
    2 жыл мурун

    U guys show how life should be enjoyed . Happy journey.

  65. Hopno Busi
    Hopno Busi
    2 жыл мурун

    If I'd let him watch you with me I'd probably have been thinking about that too

  66. Jenny Freitag
    Jenny Freitag
    2 жыл мурун

    This was great and all but I legitimately had to stop eating my dinner (I was eating meat) within the first five minutes...hahaha

  67. Alison Reagan
    Alison Reagan
    2 жыл мурун

    You get scared when your dog runs off in the wilderness running after wild animals but don’t even have collars/tags on them...

  68. Mattie Hogan
    Mattie Hogan
    2 жыл мурун

    Woah, correction, South Carolina is the south and we say crawdads!

  69. Emma A
    Emma A
    2 жыл мурун


  70. Meghan Diaz
    Meghan Diaz
    2 жыл мурун

    what song was thatttt

  71. Samantha McNally
    Samantha McNally
    2 жыл мурун

    So how much are Belvita paying you? Nothing but a crappy advertising channel.

  72. Chanelle and Donavon
    Chanelle and Donavon
    2 жыл мурун

    You guys are so sweet! It's always so nice to have a day just to yourselves, stress-free and to do something you love :)

  73. ida alessandrini
    ida alessandrini
    2 жыл мурун

    Such a fun vlog. My family is a big fan of bel vita. Y’all are so cute. ❤️❤️from Chicago

  74. Bubu Toong
    Bubu Toong
    2 жыл мурун


  75. Yazmin Munoz
    Yazmin Munoz
    2 жыл мурун

    Marcus I just watched your video. You guys should to a first time cooking together video!!!!!

  76. Genesis Sings
    Genesis Sings
    2 жыл мурун

    I just love how the dogs get to be outside and just be free lol

  77. Genesis Sings
    Genesis Sings
    2 жыл мурун

    “It’s usually green, but now since it’s summertime, it’s all brown and dusty”... fall maybe?

  78. RK
    2 жыл мурун

    dont think its a good idea to have ur dogs off leash in areas like these...

  79. Anisa Garcia
    Anisa Garcia
    2 жыл мурун

    Love these kind of videos remind me of my bf and I and our huskies 💜💚

  80. sportscutie3
    2 жыл мурун

    In Texas we saw crawfish

  81. Hayes and Karah
    Hayes and Karah
    2 жыл мурун

    You guys are just the best. These vlogs make me so happy 💗

  82. morgane Gantet
    morgane Gantet
    2 жыл мурун

    What is the music at 1:48min? I really liked it!

  83. Alli Schwieterman
    Alli Schwieterman
    2 жыл мурун

    Pretty sure crawdads and crawfish are two slightly different things!! I'm from the south and we say "crawdad" when we find a little one in the creek under a rock. "crawfish" are what you boil up with potatoes and corn

  84. Priscilla Joy
    Priscilla Joy
    2 жыл мурун

    I feel like I know Camper and Honey so well after watching this video! They're such cute and good dogs, you both are doing a great job;)

  85. Jon Bottoms
    Jon Bottoms
    2 жыл мурун

    AAAAAANNNNNNDDDDDDD..... everyone secretly imagined you saying "we're pregnant" then cutting away leaving us hanging.

  86. Adriana C
    Adriana C
    2 жыл мурун

    I live in LA and my boyfriend and I are always looking for new places to explore. What’s the second place you went to? Love you guys!! 🌻

  87. Ali V
    Ali V
    2 жыл мурун


  88. Chloe Hixson
    Chloe Hixson
    2 жыл мурун

    I’m from Kentucky and we call them crawdad’s!!

  89. Adrienne Hart
    Adrienne Hart
    2 жыл мурун

    I have a golden retriever that definitely has honeys personality. I’m super over protective of him. I would’ve been freaking out like Kristen was with camper and my husband is just like Marcus, “he’s fine...” 🤣

  90. Jessica Carpenetti
    Jessica Carpenetti
    2 жыл мурун

    My fav intro is gone!!

  91. YourFriend Gen
    YourFriend Gen
    2 жыл мурун

    We call them crawfish (I am born and bred and live in the amazing state of Louisiana) I believe that their scientific name may have crayfish in it but it’s defiantly crawfish. Ain’t no body got time for scientific names like crayfish. We know the truth 😂

    1. YourFriend Gen
      YourFriend Gen
      2 жыл мурун

      They literally have like tons of names crawdads, some call them like tiny lobsters or like mountain lobsters. I don’t know any other names people call em haha

  92. Vidhi Gupta
    Vidhi Gupta
    2 жыл мурун

    I love you guys!

  93. Grace Brown
    Grace Brown
    2 жыл мурун

    aww favorite vlog ever!!

  94. SarahBeth Echols
    SarahBeth Echols
    2 жыл мурун

    In Montana they're Crawdads

  95. Gaby Díaz
    Gaby Díaz
    2 жыл мурун

    Omg Kristin’s comment in 6:14 is soo pure I love it😂

  96. Zanthe Louther
    Zanthe Louther
    2 жыл мурун

    I say Crawdad. Texasssss 🤷🏼‍♀️

  97. Simonne
    2 жыл мурун

    I enjoyed this vlog so so much!!

  98. T S
    T S
    2 жыл мурун

    Here for the dogs 😍🤗

  99. Joselyn R
    Joselyn R
    2 жыл мурун

    I lOve them....

  100. Glenda Owor
    Glenda Owor
    2 жыл мурун

    Y'all are so fun