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  1. Marcus&Kristin
    3 жыл мурун

    GUYS! We are sorry it's been a while that we have posted on this channel - we love you guys & we are excited to come back with a bang on this channel! Honey Bee is still SO MUCH tinier than Camper but watching this really made us realize how much she has grown!!! Thank you for watching!!! You can follow along with Camper & Honey on instagram @camperandhoney!

    1. fardeen aqeel
      fardeen aqeel
      Жыл мурун

      You sound like marzia

    2. John Wayne
      John Wayne
      Жыл мурун

      People like you are pathetic acting like dogs are kids.

    3. Cerrare
      2 жыл мурун

      What kind of dog is it

    4. j0nathanztoc
      2 жыл мурун


    5. Patricia isha Sebastian
      Patricia isha Sebastian
      2 жыл мурун


  2. Andrea Rebelo
    Andrea Rebelo
    Ай мурун

    Honey bee as a bee is so cute❤

  3. Adithya Vipin
    Adithya Vipin
    2 ай мурун

    Suggest me a name for my golden retriever

  4. Atletka Elika
    Atletka Elika
    3 ай мурун

    I love boston teriers! 6

  5. Focus OnGrowth
    Focus OnGrowth
    4 ай мурун

    Love Camper too! Hugs to Camper.

  6. cooking boss
    cooking boss
    5 ай мурун

    which breed is honey

  7. Life Science
    Life Science
    9 ай мурун

    I have 7 Golden Retriever puppies they are 8day old, for booking call 9153149413 ph/wp Location West Bengal, India

  8. Elizabeth and Addison blogs
    Elizabeth and Addison blogs
    9 ай мурун

    1:27 me in foot ball..

  9. Sébastien Carron
    Sébastien Carron
    9 ай мурун

    Epileptic montage. Cute dog. Balance.

  10. Jesse Jo
    Jesse Jo
    10 ай мурун

    Ok this is the cutest video!! I adopted my dog when she was 3 but I would totally love to do this!

  11. WMasterJam
    11 ай мурун

    We just simply.... DONT DESERVE DOGS.

  12. Daniel Dave Abulag
    Daniel Dave Abulag
    11 ай мурун

    I wish i could have this puppy soon

  13. Reid Kids
    Reid Kids
    11 ай мурун

    Honey is my dog's name too

  14. Alyssa Steward
    Alyssa Steward
    11 ай мурун

    Awe this was the best getting my GR puppy in Sept cant wait!!!

  15. MisstyRxses
    11 ай мурун

    “r U a bEe?” - Marcus 2020

  16. Paige Keenor
    Paige Keenor
    11 ай мурун

    Oh wow this was 2 years ago

  17. Emma Kloppenborg
    Emma Kloppenborg
    11 ай мурун

    Haha lmao at 02:10

  18. storyofvenus
    11 ай мурун

    So cuteee ❤️

  19. Ingrid Skjold
    Ingrid Skjold
    11 ай мурун

    1:25 is a mood

  20. skyz.z
    11 ай мурун

    No one stating that they actually took a video everyday? No? Ok

  21. MamaBear
    11 ай мурун

    0:41 LOL

  22. fried noodle :p
    fried noodle :p
    11 ай мурун

    Soooo cute

  23. Jayne Leeson
    Jayne Leeson
    11 ай мурун

    1:04 umm interesting...

    11 ай мурун

    Omg why is she so big now

  25. Neroli Ella
    Neroli Ella
    11 ай мурун


  26. Sunflxwer.sxndra
    11 ай мурун

    It’s so cute looking back at how your dog has grown so much🥺❤️

  27. Eliana
    11 ай мурун

    Who didn’t notice the dates in the bottom left corner until you were halfway through the video? Just me? Ok

  28. Trinity Hatmaker
    Trinity Hatmaker
    11 ай мурун

    Getting my puppy in 11 days

  29. Ilham Chakiri
    Ilham Chakiri
    11 ай мурун


  30. • McKenna Capri •
    • McKenna Capri •
    11 ай мурун

    If I have a golden retriever I want to name it Hunni!

  31. Audrey Fréguin
    Audrey Fréguin
    11 ай мурун

    Awwwww look at 1:09 Edit: also 2:09 awww

  32. Its.sophia.anderson
    11 ай мурун

    2020 anyone

  33. akanksha mishra
    akanksha mishra
    11 ай мурун


  34. Caitlin Byrne
    Caitlin Byrne
    11 ай мурун

    I looked away for like 5 secs and he was already so much bigger 😘🥴

  35. Summer Chloe
    Summer Chloe
    11 ай мурун

    Whoever disliked their phone must have been upside down

  36. Mat V
    Mat V
    11 ай мурун

    Fucking adopt

  37. Edel Gocotano
    Edel Gocotano
    Жыл мурун

    Worth every second. 🤗

  38. Jim Bob
    Jim Bob
    Жыл мурун

    That voice has got to go

  39. kerrylaw100
    Жыл мурун

    Omg it’s not a child it’s dog 🐕

  40. Moon Pie
    Moon Pie
    Жыл мурун

    Is that a golden retriever

  41. lol
    Жыл мурун


  42. ElliexSunflower
    Жыл мурун

    Me: * running * My friend: oohhh its your crush! Act normal Me: 1:27

    1. Jennie Anderson
      Jennie Anderson
      11 ай мурун

      OMG BAHA

  43. Emily Cykalo
    Emily Cykalo
    Жыл мурун

    That’s so cute 🥺💕

  44. potathoe
    Жыл мурун

    KGread: wanna se a dog growing up? 4M people: sure why not

  45. Ella Murgatroyd
    Ella Murgatroyd
    Жыл мурун

    Hahaha their voices the whole video🤣🤣

  46. srokadrum
    Жыл мурун

    Fany pies

  47. Algo1
    Жыл мурун

    I love medium to big sized dogs, they start so little and in no time they're bigger than you

  48. Marisha’s Vegan World
    Marisha’s Vegan World
    Жыл мурун

    Please adopt don’t shop. Don’t support breeders. Don’t support exploitation.

  49. Imelda Chavez
    Imelda Chavez
    Жыл мурун

    I want one ☝️

  50. nicki b.
    nicki b.
    Жыл мурун

    I looked away from the video for like 3 seconds and when I looked back Honey was so big!! 💜

  51. Dian Sterenborg
    Dian Sterenborg
    Жыл мурун


  52. Mia Hope
    Mia Hope
    Жыл мурун


  53. Josephine Williams
    Josephine Williams
    Жыл мурун

    I have a golden doodle that just gave birth to twelve

  54. Fuzionz Frenzy
    Fuzionz Frenzy
    Жыл мурун

    Disgusting thumbnail

    1. Eve Elizabeth
      Eve Elizabeth
      Жыл мурун


  55. That Bad Gamer
    That Bad Gamer
    Жыл мурун

    “Conga line” while the dog is humping you

  56. Sam Coleman
    Sam Coleman
    Жыл мурун

    How can people give a video like this a thumbs down?? 🥺😍🐶 This is the most adorable video EVER!!!!❤️❤️❤️

  57. MattMan
    Жыл мурун

    0:41 Oh boy he didn’t know he was eating gold

  58. Srikar Duggi
    Srikar Duggi
    Жыл мурун

    is this a golden retriever ?

  59. jek key
    jek key
    Жыл мурун

    after the first half, i couldn’t tell which dog was the puppy

  60. Lqvylii
    Жыл мурун

    Dog: **licks human on nose** Human: *dAtS NicEeE...* (0:58)

  61. Allisson Perez
    Allisson Perez
    Жыл мурун

    It’s really hard when you see as you watch your pet get bigger and then dies in the end... 😔😕

  62. Mackenzie BATCHELOR
    Mackenzie BATCHELOR
    Жыл мурун

    NOVEMBER 11, 2017 ... so in sync

  63. Ivley
    Жыл мурун

    1:09 Me and my sister when my mom comes in at 2 am and we are playing on the phones.

  64. Bright Noah
    Bright Noah
    Жыл мурун

    My dog looks exactly the same

  65. Aliaa Ali
    Aliaa Ali
    Жыл мурун

    I am literly crying 😢 sooo cute 😊

  66. purple.pastel. leah
    purple.pastel. leah
    Жыл мурун

    I love this video way too much

  67. tess cleary
    tess cleary
    Жыл мурун

    2020 anyone?

  68. Kyuubi “Naruto”
    Kyuubi “Naruto”
    Жыл мурун

    0:56 Dog: Minding her own business She: *GOOD GURL*

  69. JackHenryMargot Wright
    JackHenryMargot Wright
    Жыл мурун

    whoever disliked this is a monster.

  70. Sloth
    Жыл мурун

    U should’ve put him in the same spot for every pic

  71. Cofrosted 685
    Cofrosted 685
    Жыл мурун

    My favorite part is when the show the dog

  72. Potatoes are life
    Potatoes are life
    Жыл мурун

    Give me name ideas for girls and voys

  73. PeresPalo
    Жыл мурун

    2:25 the dog brain: mmmm...arm

  74. PeresPalo
    Жыл мурун

    0:54 aww

  75. swizzy mizzle
    swizzy mizzle
    Жыл мурун

    Wow that's fast my puppy is so slow growing up

  76. the color blue
    the color blue
    Жыл мурун

    I. Love. Dogs.

  77. Brooke Mitchell
    Brooke Mitchell
    Жыл мурун

    she looked so big by the 25

  78. liveelovelaugh1
    Жыл мурун

    What a cutie!!!

  79. whats up
    whats up
    Жыл мурун

    1:27 - 1:29 is the best part

  80. Maheer GamerX
    Maheer GamerX
    Жыл мурун

    1:10 glowing eyes of another dog?

  81. Duleeka Perera
    Duleeka Perera
    Жыл мурун

    Aww wwww( literally crying cuz can't stand cuteness)😭😭❤️❤️❤️

  82. ʜ ᴏ ɴ ᴇ ʏ ɪ x ɪ ᴀ
    ʜ ᴏ ɴ ᴇ ʏ ɪ x ɪ ᴀ
    Жыл мурун


  83. I like Alpacas
    I like Alpacas
    Жыл мурун

    **ArE yOu a BeE?** 😂

  84. Vani Equestrian
    Vani Equestrian
    Жыл мурун

    So cute!!

  85. Cris 08
    Cris 08
    Жыл мурун


  86. KingPotato
    Жыл мурун

    They grow up so fast

  87. MaryAnn
    Жыл мурун

    I want to kiss doggo

  88. Ldf Nhblwfnm
    Ldf Nhblwfnm
    Жыл мурун

    На видео совсем не то, что на фото, и куча кадров по-моему только зооизвращенцам понравится.

  89. AquaticPanda0
    Жыл мурун

    The “good girl!!!” When she’s pooping made be chortle

  90. Ishika Sharma
    Ishika Sharma
    Жыл мурун


  91. Holy Shit Shea
    Holy Shit Shea
    Жыл мурун

    I love how every time they talk to her it’s so weird and chaotic

  92. Adithya Krishna
    Adithya Krishna
    Жыл мурун

    You sound like pewdiepies wife

  93. Charlene Lee
    Charlene Lee
    Жыл мурун

    All Golden Retriever in this world are angels💛💛💛💛💛

  94. Yakisoba
    Жыл мурун

    Who else was trying to see if one of these clips are 2 seconds long

  95. 유재석
    Жыл мурун

    fuck her

  96. zuzanna piecha
    zuzanna piecha
    Жыл мурун

    Plez tell me where I can get a dog like that

  97. Solanji Castaneda
    Solanji Castaneda
    Жыл мурун

    They grow so fast 🤧

  98. Josh Jackson
    Josh Jackson
    Жыл мурун

    Don’t pretend that this wasn’t in your reccomended

  99. Judith Allison
    Judith Allison
    Жыл мурун

    Oh my frikkin cute

  100. monique stewart
    monique stewart
    Жыл мурун

    Kept the dogs and got rid of the baby... smart move!